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Georges Boulanger has performed about 250 works for hall music as well as radio and records. Most of his works last 5 or 6 minutes. Some of them even last fewer minutes. Boulanger ´s music is essentially for consumption purpose: foxtrot, marches, tangos, one-steps, that is, every music type for dancing. Many of his works are easily recognizable by means of their well-known titles, namely: Beside the Lake , The Piper, Budapest Party, Autumn Moods , without making any reference to the most known works. He inspired himself in everything surrounding him, in his own state of mood or in Balkan folklore, like in “ Romanian Legend”, “Romanian Czardas”, “Hungarian Rhapsody”, “Hungarian Dance”, “Hungarian Song and Czardas” or “Russian Intermezzo”. Moreover, Boulanger ´s most famous works have been Avant de mourir, Africa , Da Capo and American View .